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Christmas Hurricane Named Luumu

It's the day after Christmas. We are at my moms at the moment, and both dogs are lying peacefully on the living room floor. We spent our Christmas with the family - mine and Teemu's. Luumu was of course always with us, and an entertaining character as he is, after three days of doing a really good job, he is exhausted! Our Christmas came a bit suddenly this year, as we just got back from our almost three-week holiday in Koh Samui, Thailand. After spending some heavenly time in the warmth of the paradise, the wet, dark December of Finland was not very appealing to come back to. We heard that there had been two snowy days during our holiday, but that was it. Now it is a pleasant surprise, if it isn't raining. And the darkness... no wonder the Finnish are said to be the most depressed people in the world...

But back to the black Christmas! Instead of atmospheric snow photos, I'll share some other intimate photos of our Christmas. The Christmas Eve went peacefully enjoying some traditional Finnish Christmas dishes and playing some board games till very late in the evening. We had agreed not to buy any presents among the adults this year, but Luumu was an exception, of course. 

Cookies! And Luumu knew how to open this present all by himself! 
Gingerbread cookie challenge for 2013.
The small mind of the small staffie could not comprehend the meaning of this challenge.
Cookies are meant to be eaten, not to be held on top of the head, not to speak in the mouth.
(C) Sinikka Saari
My godmother gave Luumu some wild reindeer cookies.
Thanks Helu, Luumu sends his regards! 
Cuddle time!
(C) Jimi Saari
After over three years of time-out, we decided to play some Menolippu (Ticket to Ride).
Last time some trains just flew out of the board by themselves...
Have no idea what might have happened to them...! Swear! 
There is plenty of Brie for everyone.

The Christmas Day at Teemu's father's was not a very calm one. We were accompanied with Teemu's sister and her fiancé and their chihuahua Mimmi. Luumu is always acting all crazy when we go there, because a) Teemu's dad is one of Luumu's ultimate favourite persons in the world and b) also a parrot called Junnu lives there. And now when you throw in a chihuahua bitch in the bunch, I cannot describe the day as a very peaceful one. In fact, Junnu lost a few feathers for being the king of the hill he thinks he is, and I guess Luumu had no idea why he cannot play with the parrot like he plays with all the other friends. Wrestling. 

Christmas elf 

A pretty intensive stare.
I believe Luumu tries to hypnotize Junnu to fly a bit lower.
Or straight into his mouth.
These two were incredibly calm with each other. 
Christmas hug
We spent the night in Lieto, and drove back to my mom's to enjoy the traditional Boxing Day's rice porridge. My mom had a new flash for her camera, and it was great fun to try that out. Luumu was a patient little model, as always. Will work for treats, he'd probably say. 

Visibility, visibility, people!
(C) Sinikka Saari

Luumu at almost 2 years

A new board game we got from Milla & Kimmo :D
(C) Sinikka Saari
Lil model 
Grandma's Thailand souveniers 
Winnie had a rough Christmas in Luumu's tender care.  

As we didn't have a Christmas tree this year,
Nalle decided to bring his own inside. 
Trying out some ancient Christmas traditions
- a soup made of raisins and plums. Hmm... 
An exhausted entertainer. 
"Are you freaking kidding me? Away with the camera already!"

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