keskiviikko 6. maaliskuuta 2013

Luumu at Studio Photos!

It's time to reveal where we went a couple of weeks ago in Helsinki after leaving Teemu's gradma's home... Luumu was photographed by Olivier Béaslas, and last weekend I was thrilled to receive the gallery for my use. The photos are of course a bit more traditional than those by Nani, since this time the shooting was at a studio. Olivier had very nice and comfortable premises in Mannerheimintie, and after a couple of minutes of sniffing around, Luumu was able to relax a bit and concentrate on the delicious treats offered by Olivier. It was really interesting to see how a professional photographer works in a studio - and especially with dogs that are - how will I put this nicely - a challenge to keep in one place longer than a second (yet another reason why obedience training is useful also in the everyday life...).

Thank you Olivier, for a lovely Sunday moment at your studio - and a million thanks for bearing with us :)

Enjoy Luumu from different perspectives and with different expressions - photographed by Olivier Béaslas.

Luumu isn't really this grown up as he seems in this pic.
He really isn't! 

Dance with me, will you? 

I just had to laugh out loud when I saw this!
My adorable little beast :) 

Here Luumu got a bit scared of the prop falling down... 
... it was a scary prop indeed... 
... or was it..? 
... noup! 

This is his "I know something you don't" expression :) 
 Mommy's little melon head.

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  1. Ihana Luumu ja ihania kuvia! Tuo tanssikuva sai kyllä suupielet korviin :)

  2. Voi jestas kuinka se on lihaksikas!! Komea Luumu :) oispa kiva käydä testaa kuinka meidän riehuja malttais olla paikallaan, noista sais kivan taulun ja vaikka mitä muuta :)

    1. :DD Kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä kuvauksissa, se oli hauska hetki koiran kanssa, ja tulos on kyllä melkoisen hieno :)


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