keskiviikko 19. joulukuuta 2012

Muumulaakson talvi

Meillä on ollut Luumun kanssa ihan huippukivaa, kun lunta on paljon ja saa leikkiä lumileikkejä! Jalka kestää jo puuterilumessa meuhkaamiset, ja meuhkaaminen tälle pikkupossulle vähän jo sallitaankin. 

Finland is covered in the lightest, most powder-like snow you can imagine, and this velvet pig LOVES it! They talk about staffies not being able to cope with the cold and that their feet just stop functioning (or they refuse to use their legs) when the temperature drops really low... and that is REALLY low, Finnish style. But no sign of Luumu not liking the cold, at all! Regardless of his winter-loving personality, I keep him warmly dressed during the winter months (and already when it's near zero degrees), in order to protect his muscles. Luumu is already very accustomed to this dressing up every time we go out. Sometimes when I let him do his business quickly on our yard, I don't put his winter coat on, but he doesn't really mind about the frost. He is like a mole in the snowdrifts and the snow doesn't slow him down a bit!

Who's that there? Who dares to walk on my street?
(Luumu can be kept UNDER SURVEILLANCE free on our yard,
and he knows where the yard ends and the street begins.)

Happiness is... to have a snow pig of one's own.
If only he'd move a bit slower - to keep up with him is really a challenge!
Luumu was stripped "naked" for these pics only...
Otherwise the winter coat is always on!

Flying staffy in action, part II
"I think it was somewhere here mommy threw the treat!"
Charming, isn't he? ;) 

Some resemblance, don't you think? 
And a couple of pictures of our daily routines...

Keeping an eye on the yard from the bedroom's window.
Neighbourhood watch, vol II
Try to sleep here when this one is taking all the space!
Neighbourhood watch, vol III
Good morning, Luumu's style!
Making our Christmas cards, together with Luumu, of course!
I have a generous 10-inch space to sleep in!
And what is everyday life without some obedience training?
Luumu's favourite - training and tricks! (Just give me the treat already, will you?)
I have been busy uploading videos about Luumu on YouTube this week. Here he is on duty in the neighbourhood watch. Here he has some brain work to do. Here we are training heeling on our obedience class - who heels and who commands..? And last but definitely not least, here he is watching Finnish "Farmer Wants a Wife" show Maajussille morsian on TV.

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