perjantai 31. elokuuta 2012

Blood Trail

I am this bored!
As our sick leave requires, we need to avoid hard physical exercise and keep focusing on the psychological one. But as you can imagine, with an adolescent staffy, it is so d**n hard! The forest has been a no-no for us for THREE WEEKS NOW. What a shame! Plain walks on a leash... and they are getting really boring. Luumu has energy as never before (or better said: as always), and keeping him resting is a bigger problem than solving the world's energy crisis! We are having a bigger energy crisis at home at the moment! Too much energy - and a too week knee! Luumu has been able to run free in our yard, but always observed. Tug-of-war is banned, ball games are banned, running around like a madman is banned - everything fun is banned, and I feel like a bitching bore. For Luumu, at least, I think I am. Even though I am as bad as a catholic school teacher, he still has these crazy moments, when he just bursts energy - and it takes a few seconds before I am able to stop him. Sometimes he just needs to chase the cat or buck like a little pony. Despite of all this caution and care, he managed to slip indoors on the floor, and I am afraid the recovering process took leaps backwards :/ Just what we needed... more rest! 

I don't get to do anything else except pose...
Well, to keep us both sane (and to prevent the cat from moving out), I created our first BLOOD TRAIL! I've never done that before, but how hard can it be? I had collected some blood from Luumu's daily meals: lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and beef meat & bones. I took the blood out of the freezer, let it melt, and soaked a small towel in it. Then I dragged the bloody towel from point A to point B in our yard, and tried not to make the trail too difficult for the first time. I also made sure not to step onto the trail after leaving it. I've been told that the trail should settle down for 30 mins or so, but I was too excited to wait! In this video, you can see how it went. Luumu had a couple of distractions, but made to the finish line in the end - and a fresh, raw turkey wing was there waiting for him! 

The blood, the towel and the prize for the finish line - turkey wing!
Because I used all kinds of blood, it was pretty light coloured. 
What a hunt - what a great prize! (And the dinner for the day - check!)
Did you hear something - I hope no-one's coming to steal my reward!
And a pose in the end, of course :)

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